How To Use Deer Netting

If you're curious about deer netting, it's like a deer fence but is more flexible than deer fencing. It is created to enclose either gardens or plants. Therefore, if you have a single plant you are trying to protect from encroaching deer, you can use deer netting to keep them away from growing vegetables or tomatoes. Deer netting helps deter deer as well. To use deer netting, wrap the netting around the plant or perimeter you would like to enclose and then use staples and poles to adjust it to your liking and lock it into the ground.

What Are Some Benefits Of Installing Deer Netting?

Deer netting is created to stop deer from coming into your yard but also deters them in the future. Most of the time, deer look for the spaces they know they will find food in. If your yard is deemed as not having necessary food sources for deer, they will most likely not return. Not only is deer netting part of keeping your plants safe, but it can also keep you and your loved ones safe if deer do not return to your yard. After all, deer can transfer harmful diseases, such as Lyme disease, through ticks. Deer netting and fencing protect your plants, pets, and family from deer.

Tenax Deer Net Kits

If you're looking for the complete solution to deer netting, Tenax Deer Net kits contain everything you need to get started, creating a barrier to deter deer from flowers and vegetables.

This kit includes:

  • 7’ x 100’ Deer Net Folded
  • (10) Adjustable Poles
  • (20) Sod Staples
  • (50) Small Green Ties

Plus, these kits come with UV-resistant netting and are almost invisible in wooded or shady areas.

Why Should You Choose Tenax Fencing?

Tenax has been creating quality fencing since 1960. They were the first to develop extrusion heads, offering increased dimensions from 2 to 20 inches. They are constantly improving their products and manufacture fencing in Baltimore, MD; Evergreen, AL; and Modesto, CA, but they first began in Italy. Tenax is a Made in USA movement pioneer and attempts to make everything in the United States. Therefore, you can expect high-quality products for a fraction of competitors' prices.

Keeping Deers Away And Plants Safe

Keep deer away from plants with Tenax netting and deer fence. It is durable and reusable, and compared to wire fencing, it has no jagged edges. Find out more today!

Deer Netting