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Tenax Hortonova Trellis Netting For Plants and Gardens

Tenax Vegetable Support products are a cost-effective solution to promote and boost horticulture and floriculture growth. This helpful netting increases air circulation to plants and increases sun exposure for photosynthesis, helping to ensure a strong and healthy crop yield. Their lightweight design makes both easy to use and a safe choice for boosting plant growth.


  • Lightweight And Easy To Install
  • Flowers Grow Straighter And More Secure
  • Will Never Rust, Corrode, Or Rot Over Time
  • Can Be Installed Vertically And Horizontally
  • Resists Bacteria, Chemicals, UV Damage, And Mold
  • Significantly Cuts Labor Costs Compared To Metal Wires
  • Maximizes Space Making Placing And Cutting Plants Easier
  • Facilitates Photosynthesis By Increasing Exposure To The Sun
  • Prevents Fallen Crops From Being Trampled By People Or Animals
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