Installation Guide For Tenax Ranch Fence

Tenax Ranch Fence is plastic mesh fencing made of strong bi-oriented plastic, meaning it has flat, light threads molecularly oriented in both directions to offer high tensile strength. This type of fencing is used for permanent fencing around gardens, large green areas, sports facilities, and small pet use. The advantages to Tenax Ranch fencing are that it is lightweight, it is resistant to rust and rust, it is UV treated, it is long-lasting, and installation is easy.


Step 1: Outline

Place posts at the corners of the perimeter. Place additional posts along the imaginary perimeter about 16 inches from the corner post in both directions. Stretch a guide wire around the corner posts to the external posts. This will serve as a guide for when these posts are removed, and the corner post is replaced.

Step 2: Mark Post Positions

Remove the corner posts and begin marking where the T-posts and arrow bracing posts will be placed.

Step 3: Install Posts

The metal posts should be placed about 6 feet from each other and can be placed directly into the ground or positioned in cement.

To Install Posts Into The Ground

If you are installing posts directly into the ground, make holes roughly 20 inches deep, place the post in the ground, and pack the dug earth around for stability.

To Install Posts Into Cement

If you are installing posts into cement for extra stability, dig or drill holes that are roughly 1 foot deep and have a diameter of 1 foot. Place the post all the way down and check that it is perpendicular and oriented appropriately.

Step 4: Install Wires

To strengthen the fence, you will now pull the plastic-coated wire through the post holes and fasten it with the tensioners between each post. Leave the central wire free, allowing it to move to match the mesh pitch.

Step 5: Install Mesh

Unroll the mesh along the posts and temporarily fasten it to the posts.

Step 6: Fasten Mesh

Fasten the mesh to the wires and posts using the plastic-coated extra wire or the plastic ties. Pull the mesh as you go to align with the posts and check that the wires have tension.

Tenax Fence offers a variety of farm and ranch style fencing designed to protect spaces from being accessed or escaped or to promote the growth of vegetation. No matter the application, Tenax has a solution.

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