Tenax Alpi Heavy Duty Poly Snow Fence 4' X 50' Orange 92013504

When the conditions are tough and the snow is rough, think Tenax Alpi 4' X 50' Orange Heavy Duty Snow Fence. The high tensile strength of Tenax Alpi makes it ideal for use against deep snows and high winds and with UV resistance, rust resistance, recyclability and reusability, it's a reliable, cost-effective fencing option for a range of settings and applications.
Part Number: 92013504
$79.95 each
$79.95 each


Tenax Alpi Heavy Duty Poly Snow Fence 4' X 50' Orange 92013504

The Tenax Alpi Heavy Duty HDPE Snow Fence is a cost-effective, high-performing solution to snow drift containment. Reliably protecting buildings, schools, and roads from extreme weather conditions, this snow fence is an investment in safety conditions for pedestrians, drivers, and property. The high-quality polyethylene mesh design boasts high wind resistance, UV resistance, rust resistance, recyclability, and reusability. The Alip Heavy Duty Snow Fence has long lasting color that allows drivers and pedestrians to have better visibility as they travel in inclement weather. This budget-friendly snow fence is lightweight and easy to install, move, and restore when necessary yet maintains high rigidity due to its incredible design.


  • Color: Orange
  • Size: 4' x 50'
  • Circular Mesh Openings
  • Mesh Size: 3.15" x 1.77"
  • Material: High Density Polyethylene


  • Used To Reduce High Wind Speed
  • Used To Increase Visibility For Drivers
  • Provides A Strong Barrier Against Drifting Snow
  • Protects Buildings, Schools, And Roads From Deep Snow
  • Ideal For Parking Lots, Airports, And Industrial Facilities
  • Highly Effective In Both Commercial And Residential Applications


  • Simple And Effective
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Wind And UV Resistant
  • Recyclable And Reusable
  • Designed For High Rigidity
  • Mesh Design Reduces Wind Speed
  • Long Lasting Color For High Visibility
  • Good Porosity Factor For Storing Snow
  • Rust Resistant Unlike Alternative Materials
  • Lightweight And Easy To Install, Move, And Restore

Installation Tips:

  • Place The Net 65' From The Desired Area
  • Install Posts In A Zigzag Pattern
  • Place Metal Or Wood Supporting Posts Every 6'
  • Install The Net Slightly Above The Ground For Best Results
  • Fasten The Net With Plastic Ties Placed Every 1' On Metal Posts
  • Fasten The Net With Nails Or Metal Staples To Wood Fences

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Name Tenax Alpi Heavy Duty Poly Snow Fence 4' X 50' Orange 92013504
SKU 92013504
Application Construction Sites, Snow Fence, Wind Screen
Color Orange
Condition New
Size 4' x 50'
Fence Type Alpi
Manufacturer Tenax Corporation
Pallet Quantity 48
Mesh Size 3.15" x 1.77"
Price $79.95