Tenax S-31 Bird Netting 14' x 50' Black 2A140263

Our Tenax S-38 Bird Netting 14' x 50' Black features an extra small mesh, a very lightweight body and is visually unobtrusive, making it ideal for a wide variety of different applications. It's UV and chemical resistant and features a small, 0.63" x 0.75" mesh design that's specifically built to keep birds out and prevent them from damaging plants and crops.
Part Number: 2A140263
$27.95 each
$27.95 each


Tenax S-31 Bird Netting 14' x 50' Black 2A140263

Tenax S31 Bird Netting is a flexible, weather resistant pest control netting that can be reused time and time again. Strong and durable, this bird neeting is ideal in professional and residential vineyards, orchards, and fields for superior crop control. It is easy to wash and maintain and is UV stabilized for long-lasting color. It is a safe, non-toxic netting that provides seasonal protection for plants, crops, and trees from predators and pests.


  • Long-Lasting And Weather Resistant
  • Improved Crop Yield In A Cost Efficient Way
  • Reusable And Can Be Moved To Enclose New Areas
  • UV Stabilized for Long-Lasting Color And Strength
  • Easy To Wash, Simply Spray Off With A Garden Hose
  • Non-Toxic And Humane, Will Keep Birds From Damaging Crops Without Harm


  • Color: Black
  • Mesh size: 0.63" x 0.75"
  • Roll size: 14' x 50'


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Name Tenax S-31 Bird Netting 14' x 50' Black 2A140263
SKU 2A140263
Application Bird Barrier
Color Black
Condition New
Size 14' x 50'
Fence Type Bird Netting
Manufacturer Tenax Corporation
Pallet Quantity 30
Mesh Size 0.63" x 0.75"
Price $27.95