Orange Safety Fence

Tenax Snow Fence

Temporary and seasonal barrier fence is great for an array of applications. Use orange fencing to block deer from entering a busy street, as a barrier fence to surround a hole in a cemetery or construction site, as an economical snow fence, or as a crime scene cleanup fence. With the versatility of orange fence, the possibilities are endless! Plus, this barrier fence is lightweight and offers advanced UV protection.

Where Can You Use An Orange Safety Fence?

Crowd Control And Roadwork

Be it for fairs, sporting games, or concerts, you can use plastic safety fences to keep off-limit areas safe from trespassing. The portable fence can be used to direct a crowd or to stop it from entering an area. Guardian barrier systems, such as the Tenax Guardian Visual Barrier, are lightweight, reusable, and highly visible barrier fencing systems for road work, crowd control, identifying obstacles, and alerting passersby to dangerous areas. These collapsible units are self-supported and are available in orange, yellow, and green.

Protecting Pets

Plastic orange fencing is an economical way to protect people, pets, and other animals from entering dangerous areas. Tenax offers a variety of orange fences in a range of sizes and levels of durability. We are excited to bring you these products at the lowest prices!

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